CBDistillery Review: Unveiling Quality and Efficacy in CBD Products

CBDistillery stands as a recognized leader in the production and distribution of hemp-derived CBD products. They extend their offerings to include a variety of options such as oils, gummies, capsules, and topicals, all of which are gaining popularity for their potential wellness benefits. With a commitment to quality and transparency, CBDistillery sources its hemp from domestic farms, ensuring that each product is both lab-tested and US Hemp Authority certified.

CBDistilerry Website

Understanding CBD, or cannabidiol, is essential when exploring products from CBDistillery. CBD is a naturally occurring compound in hemp plants, believed to interact with the human body’s endocannabinoid system, and it is often associated with its non-psychoactive properties. Unlike THC, CBD does not produce a “high” effect, rendering it an appealing option for those seeking the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids without the mind-altering effects.

CBDistillery emphasizes educating consumers about the benefits and uses of CBD, aiming to demystify the compound and its applications. Through careful extraction processes, they have developed full-spectrum CBD options, which include a variety of other naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes from hemp, as well as THC-free formulations. This approach allows customers to choose products that best suit their preferences and wellness goals.

About CBDistillery

CBDistillery®, a leader in the CBD market, has established itself through a commitment to quality and transparency. Headquartered in Colorado, the brand has garnered the trust of over two million customers, backed by the expertise of co-founder Andy Papilion.

Company Background

CBDistillery® was co-founded by Andy Papilion with the vision to provide high-quality, cost-effective CBD products. Based in Colorado, the company has rapidly expanded to become one of the largest and fastest-growing brands in the CBD industry. Under the guidance of CEO Chase Terwilliger, CBDistillery® has cultivated a reputation for trust through its dedication to the #CBDMOVEMENT™.

U.S. Hemp Authority Certification

Taking a step further in assuring quality, CBDistillery® has been certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority. This certification is indicative of the company’s adherence to strict hemp manufacturing standards, ensuring that customers receive products made from lab-tested U.S. hemp.

Commitment to Quality

Quality is at the heart of CBDistillery®’s operations. Each product is formulated to meet stringent standards, reflected in their lab-tested offerings, which span from CBD gummies to CBD oil. Through these efforts, CBDistillery® has constructed a solid foundation of trust among its users, embedding excellence into every aspect of their process.

CBDistillery Products

CBDistilerry Products

CBDistillery offers a diverse line of CBD products, including oils, gummies, capsules, and topicals. Each product is designed to meet various customer needs, from relief to relaxation.

Product Range

Oils: CBDistillery’s selection includes Full Spectrum CBD Oils that provide the benefits of CBD along with other cannabinoids and terpenes. They also offer CBD Isolate oils and Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures, each catering to different preferences and requirements.

  • Full-Spectrum: Features all hemp plant compounds, known for the “entourage effect.”
  • Broad-Spectrum: Contains multiple cannabinoids, but typically no THC.
  • CBD Isolate: The purest form of CBD, without other hemp-derived compounds.

Softgels & Capsules: Easy and convenient, these options are perfect for individuals seeking consistent dosages and a tasteless experience.

  • Softgels: Offered in full-spectrum or broad-spectrum formulations.
  • Capsules: Often contain CBD isolate for targeted CBD intake.

Gummies: A popular choice for their flavor and ease of use, CBDistillery’s Full Spectrum CBD Gummies are formulated to enhance wellness routines.

Topicals: Their topical range includes creams and salves, each designed for direct application to the skin for localized relief.

Powders: Versatile and unflavored, CBD powders are ideal for mixing into food and drinks.

Unique Formulations

CBDistillery prides itself on unique formulations that serve specific purposes. For instance, their 1000mg Relief Stick is a topical product easily applied for soothing relief.

  • Relief: Formulations that focus on alleviating discomfort.
  • Relaxation: Products designed to help with unwinding after a long day.
  • Recovery: Aimed at supporting the body’s natural recovery processes following physical activity.
  • Sleep: Products infused with ingredients like melatonin to promote better sleep.

Each product is developed with the user’s well-being in mind, leveraging the natural properties of CBD to meet lifestyle and wellness goals.

Health and Wellness

CBDistillery focuses on products that support health and wellness by leveraging CBD’s potential to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system. They offer a range of potencies to suit various health needs, emphasizing balance and relief from stress and anxiety.

Potential Benefits

  • Potential to Aid the Endocannabinoid System: CBD products from CBDistillery may enhance the endocannabinoid system, which plays a vital role in maintaining homeostasis within the body.
  • Stress and Anxiety Relief: Users often select CBD for its supposed ability to alleviate stress and anxiety, aiming for a more balanced state of mind.
  • Sleep Support: The brand’s offerings include products that could improve sleep quality, thanks to CBD’s properties that may affect sleep cycles.
  • Potency Options: CBDistillery provides multiple potencies, helping users choose a product that matches their specific health objectives.

User Experiences

  • Individual Responses: Customers have reported varied experiences with CBD, often noticing a difference in their wellness routines.
  • Personal Testimonials: Some testimonials highlight improvements in managing stress and anxiety, as well as achieving better sleep quality.
  • Product Reviews: On platforms like Healthline and Forbes Health, users have shared their personal narratives, adding credence to CBD’s role in daily health and wellness practices.

Purchasing and Customer Service

CBDistillery places a strong emphasis on simplifying the purchasing process and providing dependable customer service. Customers can expect clarity in order processes, accessible support, and a money-back guarantee that underscores the company’s confidence in their products.

Order Process

When a customer places an order with CBDistillery, they can anticipate that the package will be shipped within 48 business hours after payment has been processed, leveraging UPS for delivery. For first-time purchases, CBDistillery ensures the transaction is not only straightforward but secured with a UPS address verification system to avoid any shipment delays.

  • Standard UPS Shipping: Ships up to 5 business days.

Customer Support

CBDistillery’s customer service team can be reached via email or Live Chat to provide assistance and respond to inquiries. They guarantee a response to email questions within 1-2 business days, underlining their commitment to customer satisfaction. Moreover, for customers who value self-service, the Help Center acts as a comprehensive resource.

  • Email Response Time: Within 1-2 business days.
  • Customer Support Channels:
    • Email
    • Live Chat

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

They are confident that customers will be completely satisfied with their CBD products. However, if that is not the case, CBDistillery offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, allowing customers the assurance to invest in their products risk-free. Should customers not be satisfied, they are entitled to a full refund, reaffirming the brand’s trust in the quality of their offerings.

  • Refund Policy: Full refund available within 60 days of purchase.
  • Guarantee: 60-day money-back guarantee to ensure satisfaction.

Quality Assurance and Lab Testing

CBDistillery is committed to ensuring the highest standards of quality assurance and lab testing. They conduct thorough checks to deliver safe and effective products to their consumers, providing transparency and confidence in every purchase.


CBDistillery emphasizes transparency in its operations, ensuring that their customers have open access to detailed information regarding the contents and quality of their products. They achieve this through rigorous testing protocols and by sharing clear, accessible third-party test results with their clientele. Every batch of product undergoes comprehensive analysis to ensure it is free of harmful elements like heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents.

  • Tested Elements:
    • Heavy Metals
    • Pesticides
    • Residual Solvents
  • Provided Information:
    • Cannabinoid Profile
    • Potency
    • Safety

Certificate of Analysis

Each product comes with a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) from ACS Laboratory, a reputable third-party lab. The CoA is a testament to the product’s quality assurance, as it confirms that the product has met stringent testing requirements. The certificate details the absence or presence of cannabinoids, as well as other critical data points such as potency and safety from contaminants.

  • Certificate Components:
    • Cannabinoids Present
    • Contaminants Tested:
      • Heavy Metals: Not Detected
      • Pesticides: Not Detected
      • Residual Solvents: Not Detected

CBDistillery’s dedication to maintaining high-quality standards through objective analysis makes their CoAs a verifiable third-party testament to the quality and safety of their products. By presenting these findings clearly, customers are assured of the purity and potency of their CBD selections.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you’ll find answers to common inquiries about CBDistillery, from product feedback to purchasing locations, variety, quality assurances, and company policies.

What are customers saying about CBDistillery products?

Customers have expressed satisfaction with CBDistillery‘s product range, often citing the transparency in sourcing and manufacturing. Some have mentioned issues with shipping.

Can I find CBDistillery products on Amazon?

No, CBDistillery products are not available on Amazon. They are sold through the company’s official website and select retailers.

What types of products does CBDistillery offer?

They offer a variety of CBD products, including oils, gummies, topicals, and capsules, catering to diverse customer preferences and needs.

How does CBDistillery ensure the quality of their products?

CBDistillery is known for its commitment to quality, employing third-party testing and natural farming practices for their non-GMO industrial hemp.

What is the company’s policy on returns and refunds?

They have a policy in place for returns and refunds, but specifics such as time frames and conditions of the products should be reviewed on their Customer Education Center.

Who is the current owner of CBDistillery?

CBDistillery is a subsidiary of Balanced Health Botanicals, and more detailed information about the company’s ownership can be found on their website.